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About Us

About Us

"At S.R. Shipping agency
our mission is to fully assist
the ships in the port
complyng with the
terminal operator’s guidelines."

The company was born from the experience of a qualified, competent and constantly updated staff that operates within the maritime recommendation, in the customs area, in the context of port logistics.

Our customer services has allowed us to achieve excellent results, ensuring efficiency and courtesy throughout the world.

Throughout the years we have gained experience and skills which company offer to all national and foreign customers. Our agency is well-known by being fast, professional, precise and experienced, which turns his service, always with the aim of reducing as much as possible, the time for the ships to stop, giving benefit to all the maritime and commercial figures involved. We follow with care and dedication all the technical and human needs of the ship and its crew.

Our vision is:

"Fast. Professional.
Accurate and Experienced.
Shipping Agency in Pozzallo."

Always available, for any kind of ships, anywhere, in Italy or abroad, the S.R. SHIPPING can provide a complete ship owner representation, directly from our offices or through a network of reliable, solid and respectable affiliated agencies.

As general agents we can offer a complete range of services: general ship management, cargo clearance and all port services.

Our mission is:

"Our employees and boarding personnel has an extensive experience, looking ahead to protect your interests in the ports we serve."


The Punctuality, professionalism and courtesy of our staff has allowed our shipping agency to stand out in the maritime sector, becoming a point of reference among the most reliable customs forwarders.

Fast Delivery

Our staff pays great attention to comply with the delivery terms agreed with the customer and navigation and shipping plans are designed to minimize the duration of ship stops, to the benefit of all the maritime and commercial figures involved.

Quality Assurance

Over the years, our shipping agency has succeeded in expanding its range of services with the main objective of following every shipment with care and dedication as well, as all the technical and human needs of the ship and the crew on board.


Departing from the port of Pozzallo, we are able to ship, by sea, in any country and in every part of the world and at the same time it is possible to receive any type of shipment.

Our Certifications

RINA ISO 9001:2015

The SR SHIPPING srl is a shipping agency based in Pozzallo, certified as per ISO 9001: 2015, to provide maritime services for all ships, crew recruitment and commercial management of containers.

RINA ISO-9001_2012
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