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Our Services

"The Brightest and most innovative maritime services, focusing on your needs."

The S.R. Shipping, is an Italian shipping agency which operates mainly at the Port of Pozzallo, in the province of Ragusa.

The primary activity of our agency in Pozzallo, consists in assisting the various ships that arrive in the port, organizing, their arrival and departure as per the instructions received from the terminal operators and carrying out all the various bureaucratic, technical and operational required documentations, as required by the ships type and the loads they carry.

High importance is given to all the formalities that must be fullfilled quickly, with all the various port authorities, that follows the different aspects of the ship's operations during the stay in the port (Harbour Master, Customs, Pilots, Mooring mans, Tugs, Border Police, Maritime Health Office, Consular Office, etc.).

"Our leadership and excellence come from a continuous trainings and on a constant professional development of our staff."

Our Agency is distinguished by the speed, professionalism, precision and experience with which it carries out its service, always with the aim of reducing as much as possible the time for the ship to stop for the benefit of all the maritime-commercial figures involved, such as shipowners, loaders, receivers, charterers, freight forwarders..

Our Services

"Solution to problems. Only advantages for you."

Maritime supplies

A very knowledgeable ship chandler, works within our office and provide ship crews and ship owners with several nautical supplies and equipment, at the best market prices.

Maritime Brokerage and Hire

A member of our staff is dedicated to give support and services to: importing/exporters, charterers and shipowners, offering them experience and resources in choiceing the right ship, for the planned transportarion, by dealing the best conditions of the freight market.

Our broker provides consultancy, suggesting the use of international modules to be used specifically to the type of goods to be loaded and offer a pro forma rental contracts which support the interpretation of the contractual clauses and is also taking care of the marginal details of the trip and all the insurance aspect.

At owners request we are also taking care of the insurance aspect of the cargo.

Maintenance and Logistic

  • Freight ship quotation
  • Warehousing
  • Insurances
  • Distributions
  • Emission P/C
  • Groupage
  • Door to door service
  • Loading/Unloading various goods
  • Chemicals and steel transports by trucks
  • Containers
  • Dangerous goods permits and authorizations
  • Transport feasibility studies
  • Refrigerated products
  • Intermodal transport
  • Customs forwarders
  • Maritime forwarders
  • Consular certificates and licenses

Custom Clearence

  • Import
  • Export
  • Transits
  • Presentation and issue of customs manifest
  • Payment of anchorage fees
  • Compilation of product statistics


Our company, thanks to commercial agreements with other companies in the sector, is able to offer to our customers, bunkerage service on the pier by trucks.


  • Maritime Agency
  • Yacht service
  • Pilots
  • Tugboats
  • Port security services
  • Draft survey
  • Cargo survey
  • Boatmen
  • Lubricants and water
  • Immigration, crew repatriation
  • Certifications
  • Technical assistance
  • Repairs
  • Inspections
  • Stores
  • Immigration, crew repatriation
  • P & I assistance
  • Technical assistance

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